Saloon Character List



Zeke Calhoun: Local prospector made good and now the biggest landowner and cattle rancher in the area. Zeke is an upstanding member of the community.

Lucy Calhoun: Zeke Calhoun’s daughter and only child. Her mother died in childbirth. Raised by her father and a local Indian woman, Lucy is a complete tomboy.

Able Blane: He goes by Abe, and is the dependable, steady, and down-to-earth sheriff of Iowa Park.

Dan Fairweather: He speaks slow and deliberate with a southern accent. He takes his time with all things - never in a hurry.  He is friendly and always courteous.

Blaise Sadler: Aging saloon madame, she looks after the “Good-Time” girls that work at the local saloon.

Kalamata Kate: Young saloon girl working at the local saloon for Blaise Sadler.

Doc Faraday: Notorious gambler who is known for 'creative' card play and doin' some doctorin' on the side.

John Paulson: Iowa Park’s much-revered town judge. He is educated, refined, and well respected in Iowa Park.

Etta Johnson: The local schoolmarm who also writes the gossip column for the Iowa Park Gazette.

Widder James: The Town Grande Dame of Iowa Park. She is the town conscience and controls all social events of the town, any gossip is approved by he, and she is the most powerful woman in the community.

Ol’ Barr: The old trapper down from the hills whose cabin lay on Fat Bull Range. His real name is Jamie James, but everyone calls him Ol' Barr.

Maxwell Jedediah Adams: A small-time cattle rancher. The largest ranch is owned by Zeke Calhoun followed by Widder James.  He has a reputation for being a drunk.

Minnie May Adams: Maxwell Adams’ sweet-natured wife. She always seems prim and proper, and always moral.  She has taught Sunday School for years.  How she ended up marrying a crass drunk like Maxwell is anybody's guess.

Robert Barnaby: The legal clerk for Judge Paulson. The townsfolk know him as honest, hardworking, and a friendly fellow who is supportive of the best opportunities that will allow Iowa Park to grow.


Three Feathers: Revered Indian shaman of the local tribe. She is highly respected by both the white man and the Indians.  She is not given over to emotions but is stoic individual.

Runs Like a Deer: Local Indian woman who has lived among the white man. She is knowledgeable to both the white man's customs and her tribe's customs.


Elijah Entwhistle: Traveling preacher who castigates sinners and converts them to the Good Word.

Mel Easton: City slicker and South West Rail representative. He is a genteel business person and very ethical.

Slick O’Hare: Scruffy ranch hand for hire. He’s been in town for about a week but has not been hired by anyone.

Clem Parham: City slicker, Mid-West Rail representative who is the smooth-talking railroad negotiator.

Christy Martin: The owner of the Martin's Emporium the largest general store chain in Texas.

Frederick Lloyd: Wealthy British investor who knows Ruby Sapphire quite well. He is looking for his next investor in the silver mining industry.

Ruby Sapphire: An up-and-coming singer from Out-of-town. She became successful locally then throughout the state of Texas and Oklahoma.  Now she is in demand nationally.  She is to perform tonight for Iowa Park’s Anniversary celebration.

Soon Li: A Chinese immigrant passing through Iowa Park on her way to Oklahoma City.

Marco the Mesmerizing: A traveling magician who has arrived on the stage with Ruby Sapphire. He is to perform tonight for Iowa Park’s Anniversary celebration.