Masquerade Carnival Guest List

The Black Swan - Younger

The Black Swan is from a good family from out of the area.  No one knows much about her except she is beautiful, well versed in etiquette, charming, and seeks someone very rich to marry.

The Bluebird - Younger

The Bluebird come from the upper class, rich, and dislikes the lower classes.  She is the daughter of a general and is very loyal to her family.

The Cat - Older

The Cat is a recently widowed gentlewoman.  She desperately wants her children to marry well.

The Countess - Older

The Countess is the party host, wealthy widow, and Queen of Society.  Her approval is needed by anyone wanting to do anything socially or politically.

The Dog - Younger

The dog is the illegitimate child of the nobleman, who is here tonight to seek out his father.

The Dove - Youngest

The Dove is a young and naïve woman who is quite pretty. She has recently inherited a large fortune, and this is one of her first big social events.

The Dragon - young to mid

Single man of large fortune, nephew of the Countess, main target for a lot of women

The Fox - younger

The Fox is from a respectable family but he is not rich.  He’s made his own living and does well.  Still, he is looked down upon from the upper class of society.

The Hare - 

The Hare is from rich aristocracy and old money.  Life and soul of the party, jolly and drunk, loves to celebrate any occasion

The Lion - 

The Lion is a retired military officer, wealthy, craves power, and social status. He doesn’t tolerate anyone from the lower class, and is extremely loyal to family.

The Mouse - 

The Mouse is the cousin of The Stallion.  Her mother married beneath her so they are poor. She is currently staying with relatives.

The Phoenix - 

The Phoenix was a nobleman’s lover when they were young.  He wasn’t allowed to marry her and she has an illegitimate child.

The Shark - 

You are the youngest sibling of The General.  He wants his own profession to support himself as he will not inherit being the youngest son.  He is extremely loyal to family.

The Sparrow - 

The Sparrow is a distant relative of The Countess.  She lives with her and works as her companion, reading to her, running errands, and anything else that is asked of her.

The Stag - 

The Stag was in love as a young woman, but he wasn’t allowed to marry her.  He has never married anyone.

The Stallion - 

The Stallion, oldest son of The General, is heir to his family estate.  He is a master of seduction, and virgin conquests are his favorite game.  He is extremely loyal to family.

The Turtle - 

The Turtle is quick to anger and is easily jealous. Always wanting to help out family, The Turtle often makes poor decisions, and things often do not go well since there never is a plan.

The Unicorn - 

The Unicorn is the daughter of her family.  She is pretty but foolish and easily manipulated.  She falls in love too easily and is very trusting.

The Weasel - 

The Weasel is vain and selfish.  He has a well-respected profession, but he still seeks a rich woman to marry to move up in social ranks.

The Wolf - 

The wolf had money, but he wasted it.  Now he has to fend for himself.  He is not honest and will lie at any opportunity to take advantage for himself.

The Red Cloak - 

Red Cloak came from a wealthy family and had money.  He wasted it, his family cut him off.  Now he has to fend for himself.  He lies a lot.

The Bull - 

The Bull is a wealthy businessman who in 1917 organized the Wichita Falls Country Club with its first 50 members.  He also owns part of the Flowler’s Folly big oil strike in Burkburnett.

The Commander - 

The Commander is the commanding officer of the new Call Field Airfield.  He is a career military man from a long heritage of military officers.

The Gazelle - 

The Gazelle is the wife of The Bull.  She is much younger and from another rich aristocratic family.  The marriage merged these two fortunes.

The Deer - 

The Deer is the wife of The Commander.  She’s traveled the world as a career military wife.  She is the most powerful woman socially in the military community in Texoma.

The Mink - 

The Mink is the youngest daughter of The Commander and the Deer.  Life is an adventure, and she tries to live life as such.  Still young, she is wise beyond her years concerning the ways of the world.

The Giraffe - 

The Giraffe is the oldest daughter of The Commander and the Deer.  She is organized, responsible, and supports her mother in maintaining the family traditions while also looking out after her younger sister.