Guest List for Cavatappi Capper

Savio Abruzzo 

Savio is the owner of Horseshoe Bend Cellars and Winery. He is confident and has a presence that attracts others to him. Savio's former brand, Abruzzo Estates, was failing, but he fired all of his staff, hired on a brand-new team and re-branded. The move was successful, and Horseshoe Bend Cellars is enjoying record sales for the winery and vineyard. 

Clara Sperrazza 

Clara Sperrazza is Horseshoe Bend Cellars’ on-site restaurant manager. Soft-spoken and seemingly timid, Clara runs the restaurant with a ruthless efficiency, and like most staff, lives in the estate in the staff quarters on the second floor. She has a vast knowledge of pairing fine wine with gourmet food, and works closely with the estate chef to create meals for special events and any guests the winery may accommodate. 

Alejandro Biagi 

Wine critic Alejandro Biagi is known the world over for being one of the most brutal, nasty and difficult-to-impress wine critics. Working for Oenophile Monthly magazine, his critiques are syndicated worldwide to over 50 magazines and newspapers. A single foul word from him can sink an entire winery, and he enjoys the power he wields with nothing more than his opinion. 

Donato Espada 

Donato is a tourist from Portugal who has come to the winery for one evening only, to taste the new vintage of Organo. Distinguished and elitist, Donato is talkative and personable, although slightly pushy about his views on certain topics.

Gina Marullo 

The Tasting Room Manager and winery villain, Gina is a sharp-tongued vixen with a quick temper and a mean streak. To the guests and those who come to the winery for a tasting, Gina is polite and sweet, but those she works with know better – she is avoided at all costs and quick to rage. She goes after what she wants and is rarely disappointed. 

Jessica Arbor 

Jessica Arbor is an American tourist who has been staying in the on-site cottage. After a tough break-up, Jessica has been traveling the Southern U.S., trying to mend her broken heart. She had only planned to stay at the winery for two nights, but after meeting Enrich Newgate, she decided to stay indefinitely. Jessica is slightly naive about wine, but is eager to learn everything she can while at Horseshoe Bend Cellars. 

Francesca Agostino 

Horseshoe Bend Cellars’ manager, Francesca has worked at winery since the owner, Savio Abruzzo, decided to rebrand, and was integral in the transformation of the company, as well as the success it has seen over the past three years. Francesca is diligent and organized, and over the years, Savio has implemented a number of her innovative ideas. 

Giorgio Perret 

Giorgio is a tourist on a wine tour of Texas. He considers himself a distinguished oenophile, and enjoys comparing and critiquing the various wineries he has visited on his trip. Giorgio is only here for the evening, before his winery tour takes him further along the countryside. While no one else at the winery knows him, it's quickly apparent in meeting him that he is a vivacious, outgoing lifeof-the-party-type, who has instantly made friends with almost everyone at Horseshoe Bend Cellars. 

Natalya Hall 

Beautiful and mysterious, no one seems to know anything about Natalya Hall, and no one seems to have met her prior to this evening! Who she is and why she is attending the wine tasting is a true mystery, but Natalya isn't talking? 

Vito Viole 

An ex-sommelier at one of the top restaurants in Italy, Vito Viole retired from his job and has since become known as one of the world's leading experts on all things wine. Since, he has become arrogant and smug, and despises speaking with those he does not consider of equal knowledge about wine. 

Nadia Vollaro 

Investigative reporter for kAUZ 6 TV news station, Nadia Vollaro is a tenacious woman who always gets her story. She comes across as trustworthy and friendly – as long as the conversation benefits her, and she gets her story in the end. 

Daniella Badeaux 

Daniella is Italian, and is spending her vacation this year to enjoy her local wine country. Daniella considers herself an oenophile, making a point to use her vacation each year to see a new wine region, this year focusing on those wineries in her own “backyard”. She is personable and forthcoming, although slightly mysterious, and her accent is difficult to place, even for Italians. 

Daria Morelli 

A resident of Iowa Park, the closest village to the winery, Daria is the wife of Enzo Morelli, and together the two of them own the tavern. Daria is responsible for letting out the guest rooms above the tavern – on the rare occasion someone actually wanders into Iowa Park and stays the night. Daria is quiet and subdued, but fiercely observant. 

Enzo Morelli 

Together with his wife Daria, Enzo Morelli runs the tavern in the town of Iowa Park, the closest town to Horseshoe Bend Cellars. He serves thirsty locals and travelers, and is always abreast of the happenings in the area, and any strangers that might be in the area. Enzo is quiet, but also very quick to share the local gossip when he has a willing audience. 

Apolita Frank 

Apolita Frank is a photographer for Oenophile Magazine, and has been invited to the tasting at Horseshoe Bend Cellars for the special private tasting of Organo, Horseshoe Bend Cellars’ exclusive yearly vintage. She is attending in an official capacity this evening, photographing the event to compliment critic Alejandro Biagi's review in the next issue. A true photographer at heart, Apolita has a way of blending in and capturing a moment while hardly being noticed by the subjects of her work. 

Benito Zullo 

A dark, brooding type of man, Benito has a dangerous look about him. He does not say a lot, keeps to himself and when he does, it's in a deep, scratchy voice. 

Leonora Linsalata 

Together with Carmela Linsalata, Leonora runs the Post Office and Sundry in Iowa Park, the small town at the bottom of the hill near the winery. Leonora is stern, terse and very matter-of-fact, whether she is handing someone their mail, restocking cans of tuna or passing judgment on wine. 

Carmela Linsalata 

Carmela Linsalata runs the local Post Office and Sundry with Leonora. A woman of routine, Carmela does the very same thing each day at the exact same time, whether it be sweeping the step of the shop, making tea or going to bed. 

Alberto Nicoli 

Alberto is a regular at Horseshoe Bend Cellars. Since Savio Abruzzo opened the cottage up to travelers three years ago, Alberto has made the trek to the winery twice each year to 'get away from it all'. He always stays in his RV, but usually has the place to himself, and he does not mask his annoyance at having to share the camping area with others. 

Bella Cusmano 

One of the occupants of the RV parking on the winery grounds, Bella Cusmano is a tourist who has been staying at the winery for 14 days. The wine tasting marks her final evening at Horseshoe Bend Cellars, as she is set to move on to the next leg of her trip first thing tomorrow morning. Bella is adventurous and friendly, and loves to see new places and meet new people.