Greased! Character List

Bonnie Frizzo* - Leader of the Pink Chicks

Bonnie Frizzo (aka ‘Frizzo’), a senior at Kenwood High, is the aggressive leader of the east side girl’s clique, the Pink Chicks. Frizzo refuses to conform to society’s rules and consistently crosses the line with the local law enforcers who would like nothing better than to find her guilty of something. With this hardened exterior, nobody realizes she is quite vulnerable - including her boyfriend, Kermicky.

Cho Cho* - Leader of The Black Widows

Cho Cho is the hottest hand jive dancer in the nation! She’s also the feisty leader of the west side Black Widows. The Black Widows are notoriously cruel – especially to their rivals, the Pink Chicks. The ladies of this street gang are only allowed to socialize with the boys of the west side’s Pit Vipers.

Manny Zooko* - Leader of the D-Birds

Manny Zooko is listed on Iowa Park’s most handsome list - even though he’s a shameless egomaniac. Manny’s a rebel against cultural norms but with good intentions at heart. He an undefeated drag racer of his hot rod he lovingly calls Thunder Wonder - which is the fastest car in town and unbeatable at Lightning Road. Manny is the valiant leader of the east side gang, the D-Birds.

Sandra D. Bolson* - Member of the Pink Chicks

Originally hailing from Australia, Sandra D. Bolson’s set to become the newest member of the Pink Chicks. A high school senior at Kenwood High and former cheerleader, Sandra spews charisma and charm with her wholesome personality.

Kermicky* - Member of the D-Birds

Kermicky is the uncompromising member of the D-Birds and senior at Kenwood High. Known as the toughest man in Iowa Park, the rival west side Pit Vipers leave his gang well enough alone! However, trouble’s always brewing on the horizon with their rival gang, the Pit Vipers from the west side.  Theo Valmudo seems to always be looking for a fight with the D-Birds.

Finchy* - Member of the Pink Chicks

Finchy is one of the sweetest and most caring members of the Pink Chicks. Finchy will do anything for a friend in need – even to her detriment! Against warnings from her guardian angel named Frankie, Finchy recently dropped out of high school to pursue an education in cosmetology.

Theo Valmudo* - Leader of the Pit Vipers

Theo Valmudo is the leader of the Pit Vipers of Iowa Park.  He’s a charming ‘bad boy’ who’s known to catch forbidden eyes belonging to the Pink Chicks – the ladies from the east side of town. Theo regularly terrorizes the members of his rival gang, the D-Birds, but only if Kermicky’s not around.

Potzie Delvecchio* - Member of the D-Birds

Potzie Delvecchio, a recent graduate from Kenwood High, followed his father’s footsteps and became a mechanic in his father’s shop on the east side of Iowa Park – Big Al’s Auto Repair. Potzie Delvecchio is Manny Zooko’s right-hand man and is the oldest member of the D-Birds.

Sonny Webber - Member of the Pit Vipers

Sonny Webber is a student at Tuscadero High on the west side of town and an irrational member of the Pit Vipers. He works as a soda jerk at the local hangout, the Milkshake Shack. Sonny would like to see the Pit Vipers run Iowa Park, but the D-Birds are the only thing standing in the way.

Marla Marachino - Member of the Pink Chicks

Marla Marachino is the girly member of the Pink Chicks who works as a carhop at Frosty’s Diner. Constantly checking her appearance behind a compact mirror, this pampered princess has her eyes fixed on the boys of the D-Birds, for sure!

Jonni Cuttingham - Member of the Black Widows

Jonni Cuttingham is the popular class clown at Tuscadero High and a waitress at the west side hangout – the Milkshake Shack.  When she was ten, she moved from the east to the west side of town. She often reminisces of her childhood dream of becoming an eastside Pink Chick! If the Black Widows ever found out about that, she’d be in big trouble!

Lavrin de Frappio - Member of the Black Widows

When it comes to being wild and crazy, Lavrin De Frappio is a force to be reckoned with! This industrious soda factory worker graduated from Tuscadero High last year and had a job the very next day! Lavrin is a tom-boy, and often is referred to as ‘one of the guys.’ She’s a loyal, long-term member of the Black Widows.

Cheryl Feenie - Class Representative, Kenwood High school

Cheryl Feenie is the super smart Student Class Representative of Kenwood High. She is not affiliated with gangs and doesn’t condone that type of activity. She frequently tries to infiltrate herself into that social scene to put a stop to it once and for all, but thus far, has been quite unsuccessful.

Richie Fonzrelli - Quarterback, Tuscadero High School

Richie Fonzrelli is the tenacious quarterback on the Tuscadero High Football Team. A graduating senior, he’s an excellent role model as the Valedictorian of his class, President of the National Honor Society, and he volunteers daily at the local nursing home.  Richie has a problem with students who participate in gang activity. He often uses his powers of influence and popularity to campaign against them.

Patricia Grimlox - Cheer Captain, Kenwood High School

Patricia Grimlox is the spunky cheerleading captain for Kenwood High School. Patricia founded the ‘Kenwood High Campus Crew’ - a club made up of mostly cheerleaders who are focused on ‘cleaning up the school’ and setting great examples for behavior and social etiquette.

Riff Diesel - Member of the Pit Vipers

Riff Diesel is the co-founder of the Pit Vipers. A long time member, he is one of the toughest in the gang and is often easily angered and excited for no reason. Riff’s impulsive and has the inability to show remorse for his actions. He’s not the Pit Viper to double-cross if you know what’s good for you!

Laura Van Dyke - Class Representative, Tuscadero High School

Laura Van Dyke is the ambitious Class Representative of Tuscadero High School.  She doesn’t condone gang-related activity within the school grounds and participates in active campaigns to clean up the hallways of Tuscadero High.  Most of the gang members at school cannot stand the ground that Laura walks on, so she watches her back carefully.

Denise Darlin - Former Cheerleader at Tuscadero High School

Denise Darlin is a student at Tuscadero High School.  She is the daughter of Principal Darlin at Tuscadero High School.  She has been a cheerleader all through school, but has just recently quit the cheer squad.

Greg Ronhowski - Wide Receiver, Tuscadero High School

Greg Ronhowski is the all-American wide receiver on the Tuscadero High Football Team.  A graduating senior, he’s been scouted by several universities and is hoping one of them will offer him a football scholarship.  Greg is the committed follower of his longtime friend and quarterback, Richie Fonzrelli.

Sam Slade* - Tuscadero High School Senior

Sam Slade is a senior at Tuscadero High School and has been in ROTC throughout high school.  Sam is also a Police Explorer with the local police department and loves investigations, police work, and the military culture.  Sam plans to become a police officer after high school.