Bite of Death Character List


A newer vampire, Sophie began her undead life about fifty years ago, turned by Frederik Antonov himself. While she is still a relatively new vampire, Sophie is vicious and can be ruthless at times - not a vampire to be trifled with! Sophie is excited about her immortality though, and has grown to enjoy being a vampire. A few years ago, she met Pike, and has since allowed him to join the Antonov clan.


One of the oldest vampires known in the world, Alena is considered "Vampire Royalty". Nothing important happens in the vampire world without the knowledge and permission of the royal family of vampires, including a change of the head of a coven. Alena lives in Romania, but has traveled to Casillero de la Sombra to meet with vampire clan leader Frederik Antonov about a private matter. She is immaculately beautiful but one of the most dangerous creatures to walk the earth.


A visitor to Casillero de la Sombra, Melise is a quiet traveler who tends to keep to herself. A mysterious vampire, Melise claims to come from New Orleans, and her reasons for passing through the area are not known. Vampire etiquette states that a vampire must extend refuge from the sunlight to another in need whenever necessary. Because of this, Melise has been invited to stay at Casillero de la Sombra. She arrived the day before yesterday, and planned to continue her travels tonight at sundown.


Camille is a coquette kitten to the max. Originally from France, she still speaks with a heavy accent and loves to dress the part! Her words are peppered with French expressions like “Je ne sais quoi”. She arrived at the castle with Cass months ago, as the two of them met on a boat from France. When they arrived in the area, they instantly sought out the famous Antonov clan to find companionship, and Frederik Antonov accepted them into the clan. Camille is light-hearted and enjoys laughing, finding hilarity in even the smallest amusement.


A vampire almost as old as the clan leader, Frederik Antonov, Claudette has been Frederik's companion for over one hundred years. An elegant and stately woman, Claudette is graceful and stern, demanding a certain amount of order within the walls of Casillero de la Sombra. Over the years, Claudette has traveled the world, and is considered a confidante of the older members of the “vampire elite” - the royal family.


A stranger in Casillero de la Sombra, no one in the Antonov Clan seems to know where Gracie came from or how she came to be here! Gracie is shy and introverted, and seems quite nervous. She is reluctant to speak with anyone else, and when she does, she answers quite plainly. A true mystery herself, Gracie has everyone else in the castle stupefied.


A long-standing member of the Antonov clan of vampires, Renara was turned by the clan leader, Frederik Antonov, personally. While most members of the Antonov clan are not exactly cheerful, Renara is by far the prickliest of the clan, and she seems only truly happy when she's hunting humans. Renara generally keeps to herself, and prefers solace over spending time with the rest of the clan. When she does speak, it's usually when spoken to, and her responses tend to be curt and unfriendly.


A companion of Mikelo, Sirena is staying at Casillero de la Sombra, and has been for three days. While taking rest and refuge from the sunlight, Sirena has endeared herself to the clan with her soft voice and kind nature. In spite of this, she has also proven herself to be a vicious hunter, which has commanded the respect of those in the Antonov clan. Sirena is just as mysterious as her partner, Mikelo, and her knowing grin suggests she is a vampire who has been around for many centuries.


Around 160 years old, Glenna was turned by Frederik Antonov during the time he was turning all his victims into vampires to create the Antonov clan. While initially she wasn't happy about being turned into a blood-thirsty monster, over the years she has come to terms with her afterlife as an undead. Glenna is unique from the other vampires in that she has even more heightened senses than the others, and can easily hear and smell approaching visitors, even other vampires, sometimes days before the other vampires can hear or smell them. Glenna is sophisticated and graceful in both her movements and speech.


Pike is an older vampire who has only recently joined the Antonov clan. In his human life he was charming and debonair, qualities that serve him well as a vampire, especially while hunting humans. A few years ago, while Pike was traveling without a coven, he met Sophie, a member of the Antonov clan, and she has since allowed him to join the family, much to the clan leader, Frederik Antonov's chagrin.


A young vampire, Cirrus is erratic and unpredictable. With a piercing stare and startling good looks, he tends to remain silent unless he has something to say, and when he does, it's usually scathing and relentless. While most new vampires tend to act this way as they are adjusting to their new undead life, Cirrus is taking longer than most to adjust. In spite of this, he is a born leader, and clan leader Frederik Antonov believed that with a good mentor, he would one day be a great clan leader.


A traveler, Montrose arrived yesterday at Casillero de la Sombra and is staying here for the night as he passes through the area. As vampire etiquette dictates that a vampire must extend another hospitality, Montrose is staying at the castle to pass the daylight hours before continuing his journey at sundown tonight. Montrose is strong, fierce and slightly jumpy. There is something about his disposition that tells the vampires in the coven to keep their distance from this mysterious night walker.


Cass likes extravagance – everything for him must be the biggest and the best. While the others in the coven play down their wealth and immortality, Cass chooses a life of blatant opulence. He has only recently joined the Antonov clan, and did so with Camille, a French vampire he met on the ship over from France. Cass is serious and no-nonsense, and speaks very eloquently, showing a human life of high-breeding.


Arnauld is a guest at the mansion, staying with the vampire coven as he passes through town, as it's in the vampire code to extend hospitality to another vampire in need of shelter. He claims to be a sort of vampire historian, visiting the clans and documenting their history before moving on He's proper, well-mannered and very well-spoken, and is considered THE authority on vampire lore, past and present. He is also a long friend of the clan leader, Frederik Antonov.


A member of the “vampire elite” - the Royal Family in Romania, Gabe has traveled to Casillero de la Sombra with his cousin, Alena, to meet with the clan leader, Frederik Antonov. One of the oldest vampires in the world, Gabe is polished, well-spoken and charming. There is not much that happens in the vampire community worldwide that the royal family does not know about, and Gabe is one of the most adamant advocates for maintaining the hierarchy, to ensure the safety and continuation of the vampire bloodline for eternity, and when speaking on these matters, he does so with zero levity.


The only known non-vampire inside Casillero de la Sombra, Harrison is a warlock, but a part of the clan, and uses his magic solely for the clan leader, Frederik Antonov's benefit. Whenever the clan needs something done that requires magical intervention, Harrison is who they turn to, and he aids them without question. As such, he has earned both the trust of Frederik Antonov, as well as his own home on the castle grounds, though it's unclear why, with his otherworldly powers, he remains loyal to a clan of vampires.


A newcomer to the area, Mikelo and his companion, Sirena, have been staying at Casillero de la Sombra for three days. Though his reasons for traveling are unknown, he has been welcomed by the Antonov clan, whose hospitality has included shelter from the sunlight, food and wine as well as a hunting companion. Mikelo is mysterious, and no one seems to know who he is or how he came to be at the castle. He is serious and stately – all indicative of an older vampire, although his movements are laboured, indicating he has been through some sort of physical trauma that has not yet healed – a rarity, as usually vampires' wounds heal immediately.


A member of the Antonov clan, Fabrice is 160 years old, and has spent all of his vampire life in Casillero de la Sombra. Originally turned by Frederik Antonov, Fabrice values the clan unit, and works hard to try to maintain peace and harmony inside the castle walls. An avid hunter, Fabrice specializes in finding lost humans in the forest on which to feed. He is cordial and amicable, and enjoys the peace that the forest surrounding Casillero de la Sombra affords.


A member of the Antonov clan of vampires, Elizabetha is a lady at all times, even when she is hunting. Having just passed her 150th birthday, Elizabetha has been around for long enough to be very wise, but also enjoys the amusements of modern life. She loves fine textiles and fashion, and her speech proves that in her human life, she was of high breeding.


A nobleman from a nearby village, Vincent is a newer vampire, having only been turned about ten years ago. He prefers to keep inside the castle, as he worries that someone from the village will recognize him, but does not feel as though he is ready to leave either. Assuch, Vincent has commissioned many changes to be made around the castle to keep it a place he wants to stay, including expanding the library and having the gardens reclaimed for when he is in the mood for a night stroll. Vincent speaks well and dresses impeccably.