Test Character List

Al Capone

Al Capone is Don Wannabe’s Chief Lieutenant. Don Wannabe brought him to Dallas to become the bouncer for his new club. After the former Don’s demise, he became second in command to the new Boss, Don Wannabe. Within three months, he also married Don Ravioli’s widow, Carrie Crooner.

Baroness Ravioli

Baroness Ravioli-Toosteal is mother of the deceased Don, “Big Jim” Ravioli’s. The Baroness still loves to wear tiaras and lord it over anyone she considers beneath her. She married the Congressman shortly after his divorce. Don Wannabe took good care of her until her marriage.

Bill Bumpkin

Mayor “Big Bill” Bumpkin is the Mayor of Iowa Park. Bill married Mary Toosteal after her divorce. Bill and Mary appear happy in their marriage. The Mayor is a very good friend to Don Wannabe and is now running against Congressman Toosteal for his Congressional seat.